In 10 weeks we plan to sail out into Køge bugt, heading south. 10 weeks!!! And we´re almost ready- NOT. Would be weird as well, at least the house is rented out, school and kindergarten settled, insurance, passport, vaccinations. We are getting there, but there is so many other big things, like the fact that we need to paint the house before we leave it, we need school books for the kids for two years, we still need to finish the wall in the basement, and then on top all the regular boat preparations/ repairs, hauling out, anti-foul, new installations, the list is endless.

It´interesting though, and the inspiration books are lined up. What route should we take? Through the canals or the European Atlantic coast? Properly we go for the Atlantic coast, we will just miss the ocean otherwise.

It´s a fantastic feeling that we will have everything we need with us, we can take our time, explore as much as we want, get bored with places, move on, let our expectations get fulfilled and when they dont, let the unexpected surprise us. Right now is a good safe place to be, with lots of dreams, and a bit of fear of all the stuff we cant predict. What we can do though is trying to be as prepared as possible, and enjoy this period of time preparing for a new beautiful trip together.

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