Sailing out of Denmark


Last run before leaving, delivering the car, the house keys and stock up on food. Not that we were going really far away, Klintholm was an eight hour journey, but it was a nice feeling that the next many days we have everything we need onboard. It was a really lovely start, even though we had to have the engine running since the little wind there was, was right on our nose. We baked bread for lunch, played lego, danced around in the cockpit, doing a little bit of school work, had dinner, playing games and looking out at the stunning view when passing Møns Klint. Arriving just for an evening walk on the beach in Klintholm.

You need a proper dress on, if you are going dancing on the beach!

Early next morning we left Klintholm towards Femø. The wind was between 6-10 m/sek from the back, pushing us forward nicely, so we got a beautiful sail from Møn into smålandsfarvandet. Femø is so peaceful, and there is a great atmosphere with the local little “købmand” and Alice’s ice cream and hotdog bar 😀


Mornings are just amazing, and walking then through wild roses and the constant sound of birds singing, a swan lying in the calm water, and a belt of seaweed covering the beach (!), that is Denmark and childhood for me. This is where I am coming from, and I feel connected and calm by that thought. Wondering how and where our kids will feel their roots.

Todays trip was quite windy, still from the back, but strong, so we had a lovely sail to Nakskov. We figured out that it is really great to listen to audio books in the cockpit.  It is very cosy enjoying the sail, and listening all together to a good book. Off course it is kids books, and we need to get some in english and German as well, to accommodate all our languages 😉

26.05.18- 27.05.18:

We left Nakskov after a good walk and trip to a great playground, ready for a long sail to Kiel. We managed to sail half of the way, then the wind died off, and even though it was lovely to peacefully move with 2,5 knots, in the end we had to turn on the engine so we would not arrive too late in Kiel.

In Kiel we got a perfect spot in a tiny harbour, as close as we could get to the city center. There was a huge fleemarket all day, Alice and Philippe went to a small koncert, we have been playing a lot of football on the lawn right in front of the boat, went to the botanical garden and the aquarium. Tomorrow we need to go to a shop to have a look at the liferaft we want, then it’s shopping time before entering the Kiel canal. Very exiting 😉

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