Germany to the Netherlands




A bit scared in the big lock

Yeah, we made it to the picturesque canals of the Netherland and are now in Dokkum. We went through the highway for boats (Kiel canal),  experienced crazy currents on the Elbe (new speed record of 10,4 knots!!!),  done a beautiful night sail along Germany’s Frisian Islands, got boarded by customs in Holland (and I could not remember where I put the passports, I started sweating, but eventually Phil found them) and ate way to many ice creams.

The more beautiful part of the Kiel canal


Boat school

Specialties of Holland

Always with style
 Just hanging out

The Wadden Sea

Sailing into Dokkum


The kids just enjoy the trip so much. They are really happy being on the boat. So far they have not been even close to feeling seasick, even though we had quite some rolling around at sea. We are so proud of them, and their way of being interested and enjoying this trip. Clearly, when we think is is soooo beautiful they honestly think we are just boring to listen to, kids …. 🙂



  1. Tak for skønne fotos- osv… Jeg sidder her og smiler over hele hovedet – men en kildrende fornemmelse i maven -af glæde på jeres veje – … 10000 hugs Mor ,Svigermor , Mormor

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