From town to town


Canals of the Netherlands are very charming, but we were as well very happy to set the sails crossing the IJsselmeer. We are trying to slow down a bit, since we do feel that everything happened very fast. So we made a big pile of pancakes a few days ago, and was trying hard to do as little as possible. Met up with another boat- Nausica from Sweden. Lovely family, and we already spend some good times together at anchor and going to the city for drinks and pizza, so lovely. They are heading the same way like us, so we will for sure meet up again and again 😉

We had fly attacks on the boat (extremely disgusting!), and seaweed trying to make us stay. Phil had to dive down three times to entagle us. We passed Lemmer, Enkhuizen and Hoorn, all very charming cities of the Netherlands, but this evening we arrived in THE city: Amsterdam baby 😀

Squeezed inside a tree and some boats
Very relaxing motoring through the canals
A lovely mooring for the night
The family from Nausica, on our way to grab ice cream and beer
Noah, Agnes, Alice og Tilda 😉
Desiccating a small fish
Dont understad why these sausages have to be everywhere, they must taste good…
A very relaxing sail
Last lock, together with all the locals from Amsterdam 😀


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