The end of the mast-up route


Our journey south through the last canals of the Netherlands went smooth though we had quite strong winds, some rain, and the locks and bridges were starting to get more busy with boats.


Dennis and his family made our stay in Bruinisse worth remembering. He himself have cruised extensively ( We very much appreciated getting a lot of good tips for the journey ahead of us, but indeed and best off all we enjoyed the great company together with his family. Thanks a lot guys, hope to see you out there 😉


In Veerse Meer we had a lovely mooring for the night on a tiny little island. With that we were back in salt water which means: crab fishing! Noah and Alice were thrilled, and there are even some kind of corals and lobsters 🙂


Noah is proudly reading for Alice


We are now in Vlissingen looking out on the “real ocean”. I must admit that I am looking forward to no more locks or bridges, and hopefully more clear waters. Looking back, the mast- up route has been excellent, with divers landscapes and cities, but best of all extremely nice people, always ready to give advice or help or make us feel welcome.

Food à la the Netherlands: kibbeling and fries


  1. Det var så første del , og nye anderledes eventyr venter , glæder mig til at følge jer videre…Tak for postkortet fra Amsterdam 😜 Jeg husker så tydeligt vores tid der. Knussss moarrrrr


  2. Hi guys!
    We are looking forward to meet up with you again soon. We are now in Bologne sur mer. Tilda and Agnes are superkeen on raising a good crab-fishing crew and of course the adults on Nausica are keen on some more hangout!
    /crew Nausica


    • Hey you guys, yes, we should meet up soon, we are at the moment in Oostende enjoying the sea and the beach so much 🙂 Think we will be in Bologne sur mer saturday. Where is your next stop?


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