Can you really go surfing in Belgium?

First we thought we would skip Belgium, but then we were eager to continue and suddenly we were in Oostende after a bit of a “nose in the wind” stretch. We did have some nice sailing, Alice thought the floor down below turned into a slide as we tacked up-wind… It was not exactly enjoyable, but luckily short.

Oostende has a lovely beach, and the city is as well quite charming. We celebrated Phils birthday, the boys went bodyboarding and surfing, we build sandcastles and explored Oostende with waffles, churches, more beaches, and were twitching our nose at seeing the locals eating snailsoup.


We could not sail any further since the wind got really strong. Even in the harbour the continous strong movement felt like we were lying at a very bad anchorage. The wind though created a good swell for surfing 😉


The fact that we had to wait to move on,  reminded us to enjoy where we are and what we are able to do, not thinking too much about what’s next. When the wind is right, we go, and then we will see what the next place will offer.


Boat-school about the creation of waves


Birthday, lots of love and waffles, life is good ❤

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