France, what’s not to like?


We left Oostende for a 24 hour sail to France. It was just perfect – the wind, the timing with the tides – we literally flew through the narrow bit of the English channel and after the most amazing sunset we sailed towards Normandy. At our destination, Dieppe, we met up with our new swedish friends (check out their homepage: and enjoyed the beach, had a barbecue together while lying at Anchor in front of Dieppe. France is just charming and the cliffs here in Normandy are stunning.


Alice as a mermaid


Arghh, we got a pirate on board…

The new favourite place


Sailing into the night, looking for the green flash

Normandie/ Wine and baguette, what´s not to like 😉


Mawi at anchor in the bay at Dieppe

Grilling the fish Phil actually caught in the harbour (from land with the speargun)

Alice and Tilda/ Waking up slowly to this view 😉


View of Dieppe bay

After some back and fourth planning together with “Nausica”, we decided to leave for a nightsail together towards Le Havre. The waves came sideways and the wind was not strong enough to keep the sails filled, so it was quite uncomfortable. When we turned on the engine we also realised we had something in the propeller! Not so assuring in big waves at 3 AM in the morning, only thing to do was to continue and make a dive when we reached the harbour. When Phil did the dive he found the propeller entangled in a lot of ropes. We’ve hit (at least) one of the numerous unlit fishing buoys since they dot the sea shore, and are difficult to spot in darkness before it’s too late. The moon was almost full, but it gave the cliffs a spooky grey look, which in combination with the noise of the wind and the boat, in addition to the continous strong swell led to an eerie atmosphere. Fortunately, the night was very short, since we left from Dieppe at 1.00 AM. Noah and Alice slept through despite the rocking boat, and when they woke up we were having no more waves and a nice breeze from the back 😉


School time before heading to the beach.

In Le Havre has a very southern vibe. It’s much warmer and as Noah pointed out, there are palm trees. It starts to feel like we are far from home!

Beachtime 😀 Water looks inviting, but it is very cold.

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