Tides, currents and fog


We went to Saint Vaast La Houge, a picturesque fishing village. The entrance is only open at certain times a day due to the tidal gate to ensure the boats remain a float at low tide. From here we made a hop to Cherbourg. Half an hour before we had to leave a sudden fog belt passed. In these areas we have to plan our trips very carefully, taking tides, currents, fog, wind and harbour opening times into account. We’ve had a lovely sail to Cherbourg with the tides in our favour, nevertheless there are these belts of “boiling seas”, that we are passing through – a very strange feeling!

The harbour entrance at low tide


When you see the ferry driving on land….

Big crabs and a good sail 😉

Cherbourg has a quite big harbour and is a charming city. We went to the big ocean museum. Apparently Titanic had a stop here before venturing out on its final journey, and therefor the museum had a impressive Titanic section. It also contained submarines of all kinds, from nuclear to diving bells and an aquarium. A great experience for all of us. After dinner, we met up with the Nausica crew for movie night for the kids, and cosy company and a drink for the adult part of the family 🙂

The Cherbourg museum


After the two skippers from Nausica and Mawi had gone over the plan for our next leg of the journey, taking us through the Alderney race, a narrow stretch in-between mainland France and the island Alderney with currents up to 7 knots, we decided to leave together at 1.30 pm. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in again, and we decided to wait, but missed our window towards the channel islands. To overcome depression and frustration (or hunger) the two skippers caught three fishes we’ve had for dinner. After the good food we left the harbour for a short ride to a peaceful anchorage to skip the harbour fee and wake up in a much more peaceful setting 🙂


The sunset at our anchorage

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