The channel Islands

Sark, with the crew of Mawi and Nausica on the beach in front of our anchorage

We left France, and went to the Channel Islands, Guernsey, Sark and Jersey. We´ve had beautiful weather and been able to anchor for the last week, swimming, playing on the beach, exploring the three islands. Especially Sark was rough, stunning and extremely peaceful.

Right now I am sitting on the dinghy in the Bay where we have been at anchor for the last two days. I am looking very weird, sitting here on the beach, on a dinghy with my laptop and a bag-pack full of whatever I could get in the small tourist market (which is mostly chips, soda, white toast bread and 4 oranges). I am steeling internet from the big resort in front of me, they have a brilliant connection, bills, emails and blog done, thank you 😉

Fishing, bonfire and beach-time

Cosy time at Nausica, leaving beautiful Sark

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