Beach holidays


We have now stayed in Capbreton for a week, not doing much except for going to the beach and enjoy the swell rolling in, hanging out with the crew from Nausica, going for strolls through the cute city center of Hossegor, and to the lovely food market.

Fun on the war-bunkers at the beach

Never tired of sunsets.

Trying Phils board and eating homemade banana-muffins.

We arrived in Capbreton in the early morning and sailed through the narrow harbour entrance in total darkness. We had left South Brittany four days earlier with the intention of a 2-3 day sail directly to Capbreton. But we had to do a detour because of some engine problems, which luckily turned out to be some minor issue! However, we were stuck out in the Bay of Biscay, 80 nautical miles from the coast with no wind and an alternator not charging our batteries. Luckily the french authorities were very helpfull, giving us an update on the weather by VHF, and checking on our progress getting to land every fourth hour. The wind picked up and we sailed through the night to Port Medoc (near Bordeaux). We checked the alternator, batteries and engine. It turns out our solar panels are overcharging and that is then triggering the alternator not to charge properly. That is at least what we think so far, but we are still working on other possibilities and solutions. After a day in Port Medoc we continued along the coast, passing the impressive dunes of arcachon, until we finally arrive in Capbreton. Surf-city no.1 in France šŸ™‚

Sharks on the fishmarket and the harbour entrance to Capbreton in heavy weather šŸ˜‰

Playing playing playing šŸ˜€

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