Costa de la Muerte….


We have now been living and travelling on Mawi for three months. The last month have been amazing sailing northern Spain. After five lovely days in A Coruña being together with crew Nausica, going to the beach, having movie night, sleepover, pancake breakfast and cosy time on the pontoon, we left 4 in the morning. The forecast said 1-2 meter waves, and 10 m/s wind for the rest of the night not easing off before late afternoon, sounded like demanding but OK sailing conditions. We were sailing down the death coast – “Costa de la Muerte” – named for the numerous shipwrecks along it’s rocky shore! This is the first time our weather forecast was wrong, the waves were there, but the wind inexistent – like zero. After around six hours of a rollercoaster ride, we started motor-sailing, and little by little the waves got smaller. When entering the Ria de Arousa we finally got some wind, and combined with a flat sea, this was absolutely perfect to end the day with. At 10 pm we anchored, and the ria around us was bubbling with life, rays and fish swimming around on the surface.


When sailing, Noah and Alice enjoy listening to good audio books, we all seem to relax and just be together, dance, talk, play games or look for dolphins, whatever the conditions allow for. It is such a relief for us that the kids love being on the boat even in 2 meter waves, there are absolutely no complaints, or questions about when we are there. Crossing my fingers for it staying like that 😉

Spain has really surprised me. We have now experienced a several Rias, river estuaries connecting Spain’s Rivers to the Atlantic. They are very beautiful, full of life in and above the water, even bottlenose dolphins cruising slowly and graceful alongside us. It is a shelter from the big atlantic, and it is so peaceful and such a contrast to what is out there when the wind is hauling.


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