A 30 meter wave, really?


We left the boat in Spain for a week while visiting Zurich. We spend the time catching up with family and friends, and enjoying the luxury of drinking water from the tab, a washing machine and the freedom of having a car. It luckily did feel very good to be back on Mawi, and on the go again 🙂

At anchor, Cies Island, Spain

We left the harbour in Vilagarcia with a nice wind towards the Cies islands and National park, where we would spend the night at anchor. Absolutely stunning scenery, the water was crystal clear, but ice cold. After a motorsail to Porto, we explored the city and went to the lovely kids museum “World Discovery”, which was all about the great explorers and seafarers – a fitting theme 🙂


….and today it’s mainstream 🙂

The city center of Porto

World discovery museum

  Leaving Porto in the mist it felt like fall had arrived. The constant sound of fog horns and the big but gentle swell slowly lifting us up and down made the day seem faraway and long. Everything was grey, but it cleared up later the day, and with the sunset in our back we entered Figuera da Fox harbour. Except for a great fresh fruit marked not exactly charming. So the next day we continued to Nazarre, the place with the biggest surfed wave in the world.

Nazarre center and the boards that surfed the big wave.


Nazarre is an unreal place as it offers one of the few harbours along the Portuguese coast that is always open, yet it hosts breaking waves of up 30m (!) right around the corner. This fact alone caused some anxiety among the crew. It did not help that the harbour entrance was obscured by mist and the swell thundered against the rocky shore… Nazarre itself is a weird but interesting place. The little marina was situated within the fishing harbour, and it all looked rather run down and dirty – but alive, with it´s own mystic charm and dirty beauty. We really enjoyed the city, the view point and the old fortress where the big wave breaks right in front during winter season. It is so hard to imagine a 20-30 m wave break right there, where we just sailed past yesterday…


Nazarre view point


This is how it looks in winter!

Another little bird getting a free ride on Mawi/ Ready for morning exercise 🙂


The corner af Peniche, on our way towards Lisboa tomorrow.


  1. Hvor er det dejligt at følge med i jeres tur også!
    Vi er i Puerto Mogan på Husmer i uge 42, hvis I skal derned?
    Det kunne være hyggeligt med et par dage for anker sammen.
    Mange hilsner fra os alle 4 i Valby!


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