Road trip – Portugal


Due to a very frustrating engine problem, which had us towed from our anchorage into the harbour, we decided to rent a car and explore Portugal by land – what a great decision!

We have been to Sintra with it’s castles, beautiful gardens, tunnels and wells. It is a stunning place, a little bit unreal and like a big (ancient) playground.

We then headed further inland to explore some ancient stone carvings and graveyards surrounded by olive and cork trees, cows and horses. And it’s warm, like 37 degrees, so we drove on to a big lake, close to the Spanish border. How lucky we were, we arrived to Monsaraz! Still not knowing were we would spend the night, we stayed at the lake, just enjoying the freedom of not having any agenda. Monsaraz not just had a great little beach, but also an old beautiful knight’s fortress and city perched on top of a hill offering stunning sceneries during sunset. And while the thunder and lightning were getting closer, we found a cheap and lovely apartment in a small nearby village for the night.

The next day we found our way to Giselia’s farm (Giselia is Christinas mum’s ex boyfriends mother). Her house, which she build from scratch, is lying in the middle of nowhere, so remote the GPS cant find it! But it is incredible, beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks for having us for a sleepover, for encouraching us to pluck and eat so much fruit we got a stomach pain, for making wonderful dinner and breakfast, loading us with homemade olives, olive oil and limoncello all from your own garden, for letting us walk around your land finding snakes, mantis, spiders, birds and sniffing the smell of eucalyptus, herbs and warm soil. It was truly at great experince, and good to see you 🙂

Hanging out ❤


  1. Hej Noah
    Tak for dit brev, jeg blev meget glad for det og det står fremme på mit værelse. Jeg savner at lege med dig og håber at du snart kommer på besøg til Danmark. Jeg tænker ofte på hvornår der mon er gået to år, så du kan komme tilbage i klassen.
    Kærlig hilsen Karl


    • Hej Karl, jeg kommer hjem 19 nov i knap tre uger 😀 Så jeg håber meget vi kan lave en legeaftale, jeg savner at lege sammen med dig 😉 Selvom i dag har været super, jeg fangede en stor fisk helt selv, og var i vandet det meste af dagen. Glæder mig meget til vi ses. Kærlig hilsen Noah


      • Hej Noah
        Jeg vil rigtig gerne lave en legeaftale. Det lyder som om du laver mange sjove ting på din tur.
        kærlig hilsen Karl


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