Will we ever get away from Portugal? Roadtrip volume II


Our engine problem got fixed. But we still had some issues that we have to take care of before the big crossing in nov/dec. Since Phil got a good contact with the local mechanics by now, we decided that this would be the place to have it done, and we will hopefully not have to think about bigger fixings in the Canaries.

This meant that we had Mawi hauled out, and we had no home for quite some days. What to do? What to see? Who to visit?

Finding a thermal spring for a foot bath, and taking the wrong turn ending up with that cute creature.

So again we packed a car, and started driving, this time south. We went through industrial parts of Portugal, which was very uncharming. But ended ended up in the hills just before the Algarve coast. While driving through the hills the coulors of the trees suddenly changed and it was obvious that there had been a bushfire. In the next town we ate at an exstremely cute little family run restaurant and it turned out they had just opended 5 weeks ago, at the same time the fire had been burning… The owner told us about him standing on the rooftop of his place defending it against the advancing fire – how is that for a dramatic start in a new business! But they managed and served the most delicious Tapas made with a lot of love – delicious!

Excellent tapas in the burned down village.

The following day we arrived in the stunning and much warmer Algarve. Here we met up with another long distance sailor family from Norway/Germany, the crew of Queen. Thank you guys for having us for two nights sleeping on your boat, for going out exploring caves, for the dive, for delicious food, but most important great company! Looking forward to see you soon either in Algarve or Morocco πŸ˜€


We then went back to Giselas house in the country side, just relaxing, once again enjoying the tranquility of her farm πŸ™‚ And now we are hoping that everything goes smooth, and we will be sailing from here latest thursday, keep your fingers crossed, please….


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