What it’s all about…

We were actually suppose to be in a lot of places, according to our plan, and to have done this and that. But we felt that we got caught up in all the stuff we had to do. All the stuff we should manage to do before a certain time. And we forgot the most important thing of all, being together, doing what makes us happy and have some fun.

So we are in lovely Lagos at anchor, arrived here in the dark hours, after what seemed like the endless coastline of Portugal. The water is much warmer, the surroundings stunning, the town cosy. The boat has been one big playground for the kids today. Rowing alone with the dinghy to the beach, surf in the waves on the surfboard, try to learn how to snorkel and swim, surfing behind the dinghy (Noah did great) and catching fish. Noah took out the fishing equipment, made it ready all by himself, and called on Phil when he got the fish. He was so proud providing us with food 🙂

So here we are, far behind our schedule, remembering what it’s all about ❤


  1. So true, it is all about being together! We just hope you will make it to Gran Canaria during week 42 🙂
    Everybody is looking forward to see you again. And maybe anchor next to you?


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