Oughhh my back!


Yeah, spontaneous visits, we like ❤

Christina lifted something heavy (our bed!) and her back started hurting, slowly getting worse. Twice she was lying in the cockpit shot down by a sudden pain. Luckily we met a physio, who made a treatment, and assured us it was “just” a strain from a heavy lift. And she is certainly getting better. Swimming in the ocean and pool seems to work very well 🙂 Christina being physically not in a super shape together with the uncertainty of the hurricane Leslie hitting Canaries or Portugal, we decided to skip Morocco and to look for some additional crew for the crossing to Lanzarote. We also looked for some cheap tickets to Lanzarote for Christina and the kids, so that Mawi can sail rather sooner than later with an ok forecast. Sometimes plans can really change, maybe even for the better. And the first great thing about this, is that Phil´s friend Kaube spontaneously could come for a visit 😀

A little bit about everything in pictures:

Steering the dinghy, surfing, at anchor, life in underwear

Noahs first real dive- YEAH

A Mahi Mahi… a present from our neighbour 😀

School for Alice, building letters, making music at the beach ❤

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