Weather windows, my biiiiip!


I remember reading once that Jimmy Cornell doesn’t believe in weather windows. That he sets a day, and if it´s fair weather he is going. And I guess that could be true, but not when we talk about a tropical storms or the way we on Mawi have kids onboard. Noah and Alice are great on board, they hardly ever get seasick, and they enjoy listening to books and playing on Ipad. For us it is just not an option with two kids chained to a lifelife/ cabin and an Ipad for several days. And a tropical storm in Europe, what a surprise!
So our few days in Lagos before moving on, turned out to be the wrong decision for the journey we originally had planned for. As mentioned in an earlier post we slowly saw Morocco not being an option, since the swell might lock us inside the harbours, and we decided to go directly to the Canaries. In our eyes this is too long a journey for the kids in these conditions, and we therefor bought flight tickets to Lanzarote and found some lovely crew, Carl and Pia, to join Phil on the trip. So here we are, waiting… Mawi and the crew waiting for a weather window, Chris and the kids waiting for Mawi and Phil in Lanzarote. But waiting is not so fun, so we decided to enjoy and explore this, in it´s own dry way, beautiful place:

Beaches and the water temperature is much better than expected- yeah 🙂

We only cuddled the poor sweet camel, went to the national park, the cave (that was cool), and the kids favourite the Cactus Botanical Garden

One comment

  1. Åhhhh – bare jeg kunne ha fløjet ned til jer… Hold da op sikke lange ben mine børnebørn har fået !
    KNus og kram. MorMor


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