Tourist Islands!

Sailing in Lanzarote, Fuerventura and Grand Canaria has been awesome! Great winds, beautiful settings (though very dry). It is almost like we are on a foreign planet sometimes. And, we got our first bigger fish. Okay, it was not huge, but since half a year we have had the fishing rod out like constantly, we have lost lots of lures, and we got lots of macrels (with other baits, just to get something!) But finally with 8 knots off speed, the wheel went spinning and we got a fair sized Bonito. We let the line out fast again, had another bite, but it got off.


Here in Grand Canaria we are astonished how they build up tourist resorts or tourist cities. There is absolutely no real life going on, and the amount of plastic is crazy! That being said, we have had some really good anchorages, been a lot in the crystal clear water and enjoyed boat life. We just said good buy to our new lovely friends from Queen, who we shared very enjoyable times with 😉

More pictures when I have some proper internet 😀

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