Cap Verde & Trinidad Tobago

Mawi and crew left Puerto Morgan, and after nearly eight days with very little wind, mostly sailing with the genaker, they arrived in Cap Verde. They had minor problems, such as string in the propeller and a toiletpump fail, but are mostly just happy after the first crossing 😉


A beautiful mark that Mawi was in Grand Canaria, Puerto Morgan

We left Copenhagen after several great days of Christmas with family, visiting friends and organising life at home. Philippe went to Switzerland for a visit and to organise life there. And then we set out on a 24 hour trip, flying with three different plains. We landed safely in Trinindad, but our bags were delayed 24 hours, so here we are the smelly family!

We were all so tired in the end, and the arrival que was endless, first passport then custom. Noah was sleeping standing up, sleeping in the cab, and finally we all slept in the hotel. Trinidad seems so friendly and very lively. Tomorrow we leave for Tobago, cant wait to get some other clothes on, and go for a swim 😀

Within a few days ❤


  1. 😁😅😁 KOKOS nødder – aaaaa- hvor skønt . Håber I har sovet godt – hvilket jeg ikke er i tvivl om og sikkert ski tidligt oppe🤪 god tur videre . ☃️


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