Flying goat poo and waterfalls

Have you ever had goat pooh flying in through the car window? Well that is what happend to us exploring Tobago by car. You drive so close on the small winding roads, and there we were passing a car with goats on the roof! Guess, or hope it means good luck 😉

Argyle waterfalls, the most impressive one we have seen.

The Tobago forest reserve is the oldest legally protected forest reserve established in 1776!!!! And it is truly amazing, and packed with wildlife. Especially Noah enjoyed the forest, jumping around looking and finding stuff, swimming in the fresh water and listening to the sound of the forest.

We spend so much time here, it was just amazing 😀

In some bays the beaches here are wild, with yellow sand and a ridge of jungle all the way to the water edge. In others it is silky white soft sand, and the reef a few meters out. Snorkeling with the kids have been easy, sticking our heads down in one meter of water seeing an abundance of fish, corals and even cuttlefish.

Apparently serving beer with a straw is considered more feminin!! We visited a chocolate “factory” and learning about the delicious cacao bean.
Jungle time

There is one downside though: the food. On the local restaurants they ask you: “fish, chicken or shrimp” and then you get that with rice and beans or lentils. It is not bad for two meals (you can exchange the meat with veggies;)), but then it´s just boring, all tasting the same and quite expensive. Luckily we have bean able to cook a lot ourselves, and there is a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to get.

Tasting fresh sugarcane from some locals on the beach 🙂

When we talked about the highlights of these two weeks, we all agreed that the waterfall was the absolute best, since its scenery, with the surrounding jungle was an amazing experience. Then comes Pigeon Point, a heritage beach park. We were sceptical since you have to pay to get in, but have to admit it is just perfect. Closely after follows the snorkeling, and the kids of course loved the pool 😉

Merry christmas ❤

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