The windward islands

Our first stop from Tobago was St Lucia, which we were not too impressed about. We stayed two nights, in Rodney Bay area, and felt a bit disappointed. Everything was expensive, touristic or slum looking. So we were very happy when Queen asked if we could join them a day before scheduled in the south of the island. It was great to catch up again, and the next morning we set sails towards St. Vincent. We visited the market in Kingstown, and continued to charming Bequia to celebrate New years eve onboard Queen together with their friends from the ARC. An hour before midnight Noah jumped in the water to keep himself awake for the big firework and his birthday song. What a great way to begin 2019, with lovely people in a beautiful setting.

Next day was Noahs birthday, and despite the tiredness of everybody Noah got celebrated throughout the day with lots of presents, breakfast pancakes, swimming, chocolate cake and pizza 🙂

We headed towards Tobago Cays, where parts of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. A stunning place, the snorkeling here was just great, stingrays, great barracudas, small sharks, giant seastars, but most important: a lot of turtles. They were all over, and everyone got to swim with at least one beautiful turtle. On land there was Iguanas and Giant Hermit crabs, and in the evening beach barbecue Lobster and rum punch. How good can it get!

Continuing south we arrived in Union Island, a popular kitesurfing spot, which reflect a great laidback vibe to the island. Ejvind took the big kids windsurfing, and we enjoyed the cosy cafes with delicious smoothies and free wifi ;-D

Something bigger took a bite of our dinner! 😀

Mawi and crew had a good sail to Barbados, crossing the atlantic from Cap Verde in 16 days 😀 Jan 15th we will move back onboard, and continue our journey onboard our little floating home ❤

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