Dominica and good byes

Jungle walk to Mayham falls, below is Trafalga double falls

We got back on board of Mawi. So great to be home in our own stuff. With limited space, and now six persons onboard, it took some days to figure out where we had left stuff, and where to find a new good spot. But when all the organisation was done it was time to enjoy Mia and Christians last two weeks onboard. We left St. Vincent, and spend a few days in St. Lucia before we headed to Martinique and Dominica where we caught big barracudas on the way there and on the way back. Dominica is a fantastic and interesting island. We went hiking to striking waterfalls, enjoyed the warm volcanic waterfalls and sulphur springs, went into the mangrove rivers, and snorkelled on “champagne reef”. Most of all we enjoyed being more people on the boat, having fun, eating a lot of good food and mixing sundowners. Mia and Christian, thanks for making this possible and for the lovely time together, we will miss you ❤

Mia and Christian after 3000 nm onboard Mawi ❤
Titou Gorge and Trafalga falls, in the warm section- spa time 😉
“Champagne reef” was very cool, the bubbles and the light made it truly magical
Indian river tour- Dominica
Sulphur springs, its warm and soothing on a rainy day
Memorable good times ❤

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