Racing to Guadeloupe

“The Saintes”

We headed north, and were once again anchored in St. Pierre. This time we managed to see the theatre and the prison that got buried in 1902 during the tragic volcano eruption. One prisoner survived, and we visited the cell he was in. He got locked away the day before the eruption, and was found four days later as the only survivor on land. He then got a job in cirkus  as “the man who lived through Doomsday” and together with the weird look he now had after being burned by hot ashes, he became famous….

Inside the cell/ Alice posing in the theatre 😉

Then we sailed to Dominica, but this time we just passed, had a horrible anchorage for the night, but with a great view. And headed for “the Saintes” the day after.

Sailing through an enormous “lake” of sargassum seaweed, the sound of sailing disappearing, so creepy!! Alice shielded behind the sprayhood while trying to look cool 🙂

Living on a small sailboat, being together all the time, doing stuff together all the time can be a challenge at times. We found it’s time to be better in doing stuff alone, or with the kids or with just one of the kids. It is something especially I have to be better at, and therefor I went for a long hike, just me. I love do stuff all together, but I really do enjoy exploring on my own as well, so be warned of more selfies coming up 😉

Me on the top- yeah/ Early morning drinking coffee in front of Dominicas beautiful volcano.

After two nights in “the Saintes” we headed to Guadeloupe, with wind and waves against us for four hours. And here we are, in a harbour (for us, the first time since the Canaries), we had to fix a pump on the engine (and fixing engine stuff is not something we would recommend doing at anchor ;)) we have internet, all the water we want, warm showers and can go on land without getting wet. I think we stay a few extra days 😀

A horrible sight in Guadeloupe, these beautiful creatures are for us just not edible, but should fly through the water gracefully, making the underwater world magical….

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