Should we stay or should we go???

Guadeloupe’s beautiful eastcoast

As the headline insinuates it is the big questions we have on the table at the moment. Are we ready to go back to Denmark meaning our journey was a year, or where should we continue to? We have seen so much of the Caribbean now, and staying here for a whole year would get to boring for us. We would love to go to ABC islands, but the sailing after the ABC´s  towards Columbia is having quit a rough reputation, and we simply dont think we are good enough sailors to do that stretch. In a way we dont enjoy the actual sailing so much unless the conditions are just perfect (and they rarely are). And the long stretches are not something we really enjoy, but more endure. On the other hand, warm waters, beautiful warm weather, Avocados as big as coconuts, being so much together with the kids, swimming and snorkeling every day, surfing, walking in the jungle…. Soon, very soon we have made our final decision 😉

Swinging through the jungle and having picnic on the way
Hiking Guadeloupes volcano straight into the clouds 😉

We just arrived in Marie- Galante, an island 20 nm from Guadeloupe, recommended to us by a lovely older couple on the dock. It is perfect, beautiful anchorage, clear waters, good vibe, and Phil can windsurf right from the boat.

Trying out the surfboard in Marie- Galante/ This is how it looks when sailing in rain and waves/ Noah is reading for Alice

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