Getting stuck in the good way !


We are still in St. Francois. For some reason this town is growing on us. Maybe it´s because of the windsurfing, even though Phil is the only one really enjoying doing it. Noah and I went to windsurfschool, but  none of us are really hooked. Well, for my part it is maybe, but only maybe…. because I am not really good at it 😉

Father & son ❤ I stick with diving 😀

So what are we actually doing here? I guess we are feeling at home in a way. We are really enjoying our time here listening to live music, having picnic on the beach, exploring the inner reef and the many beaches, diving (though snorkeling is almost as good), windsurfing, doing exercise (oh I missed this one), being creative with what we can find on the beach, going to the doctor for revaccination (not so funny, but it had to be done somewhere), planning new adventures (really funny, and needs wifi which we have here). Phil and I could even go for a “romantic dinner” while the kids were sleeping at the boat since the restaurant is right next door. And people here are so friendly, and the town is touristic in a nice way with a local feeling to it.

Playing football with the locals, practising volley, skating, kiting, hanging out.

Picnic and streetfood, snorkeling, enjoy
Since it has, like most of french Carribien, a bit of a retirement vibe to it, we might go back here when that time comes, who knows 😉

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