Back on Martinique

Beautiful Dominica

We set sails towards Martinique to meet our Swedish friends with whom we sailed with along Europe’s west coast. This was our final crossing in the Caribbean islands – two long days of sailing. From the start we had good wind, but a very strong current on the west coast of Marie Galante. We had the feeling we had a good speed, full sails, nice wind, but we only had a SOG (speed over ground) of 2-3 knots! It kept on going, we had two meter waves on the beam and at a point we had the engine, full sails, 15- 20 knots of wind and we were moving 2,8 knots. Very frustrating. We arrived in magnificent Dominica at dawn, slept and kept on going to Martinique, where we met up with Nausica once more. We have not seen each other for 5 months! What a lovely reunion. We have been having good dinners, went diving and surfing behind the dinghy, the kids been playing and we have been chatting until our eyes could not stay open. We will miss you guys ❤

One comment

  1. Sikke dejlige fotos 😀 hvornår skal båden på en container ? Her har været 18 grader idag – det var også dejligt og jeg besøgte Verner på Statilø og vi var i klitterne og ved Havet , det var så fedt , men hårdt at spille i aften 😅
    Nu godnat – dejligt med nyheder 💓


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