Gonna miss it all, or at least most of it….

A rainy and long but great hike along the Martinique coastline

We left towards Le Marin, with the idea of having a few days in St. Anne before going into the harbour and make everything ready. We should have stayed in Grande Anse D´Arlet instead, it has become my favourite anchorage here in Martinique. Though it is always crowded with boats it has easy accessible good snorkeling & diving, good beach vibe and a few hikes beginning right at the beach. But best of all if you anchor in the “right” spot, you have turtles all day, and lots of them. Like you stop counting how many you spot during breakfast! It makes me so happy having the underwater world being part of my daily routine ❤

One early morning we saw them capture turtles, so Noah and I went to have a look what they were doing with them on land. Turned out they captured green turtles to measure and tag them, and finally glue on a camera that stays on for 48 hours. Basically they do this on a regular base to keep an eye on the green turtle population in that specific area. What I found interesting is that the only reason the green turtle is here in Martinique is to eat, they dont lay eggs here, they stick around for 10-15 years and then they go back to the beaches where they got born themselves, as far away as Africa. It made an impression on Noah, and gave some needed inspiration to his small underwater book he was just doing as part of school 😉

With very mixed feelings taking up the anchor and going in the harbour..
A great hike on the volcano on our last days, it is so impressive!

Now we are (almost) ready to go backpacking – Ecuador here we come…

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