Going from exploring the hot city in Guayaquil to horseback riding on the nearby volcano of Ecuador’s capital Quito. On to kayaking on the Quilotoa volcano crater lake and being cut off from civilisation in Cuyabeno reserve in the Amazonian jungle. Driving from the jungle to an altitude of 4000m within 24 hours, admiring the snow covered vulcano of Cotopaxi. This country is really actionpacked, and we love it!

Guayaquil old city from the wheel and the Iguana park

Guayaquil is an exiting and very hot city, and the old town has stunning views and a very special atmosphere.

Quito from above, in the streets and getting juice. And me balancing on the Ecuator.

Quito is lying in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and is rather on the cold side, but absolutely beautiful. Visiting the Ecuator museum was one of the more quiet days, except the bus ride to get there. The public bus is a theatre in it self, with people trying to sell stuff at a constant pace, and the bus driving through the city like it was a race car.

Quilotoa, the amazing craterlake, and our own little guide (the black dog)

Our trip to Quilotoa (the crater lake) was exiting and absolutely unreal. Kayaking on the 3000 m deep lake and hiking up the hill, having troubles catching our breath from the altitude was part of the amazing adventure.

The Amazon was something we had looked so much forward to, and we were not disappointed:

The Amazon river, the lookout from the tower and one of our excellent walks in the jungle

We swam in the river (with piranhas they said), canoed through the jungle, went night spotting (for Caimans, spiders and snakes), visited the Siona tribe, had a scorpion and several frogs in our room (one of the other guys had a banana spider, very dangerous, big and lying underneath his bedcover!!!), had close encounters with monkeys, an anaconda, the pink river dolphin and lots of lots of other spectacular creatures. The kids enjoyed it so much, the were tumbling around doing small homes for Mantis, walking sticks and butterfly cocoons ❤

Swimming in the river at day and dawn, and canoeing through the jungle spotting wildlife
Visiting the Siona tribe, trying the “Chi chi”, and visiting the Shamans “office”
Some of the wildlife we managed capture on camera, it was amazing..

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