Ecuador II

The last five days has been full of surprises. We rented a tiny car and without any specific plan we started driving south. First stop was the mighty Cotopaxi volcano. Surrounded by horses in the lower grassland, and with snow on the top this national park is beautiful. We had to buy some socks and a sweater since it’s cold at this altitude, but what a sight!

Cotopaxi & our hostels cute Llama: Juanita

On our way further south we ran into some sort of carnival and some local fruit and craft markets, where we loaded the car with strawberries and avocado and some nice hammocks. In Banos we spend two nights, drove the “highway of waterfalls” and went to the thermal springs. We were so lucky that it was a public holiday, and therefor the city was sprawling with life, everyone beeing outside eating, shopping and chatting.

Going across in a cable car!!!!! Weeehaaaaa 😀
You have to have a “swimhat” on! Feeling the power of water..
Yes, guinea pigs are a speciality!! Dancing, singing and spinning yarn on the street.

Leaving Banos towards Ecuadors highest mountain – Chimborazo. Because of its location along the equatorial bulge, the summit is the farthest away from earths center, and the closest point to the stars. On our way we saw a sign towards another thermal bath, so we took a right to see what it was. We were at this point in the middle of nowhere, altitude 4000m, with the occasional Llama or donkey on the side of the road. But we actually found a local hot spring, and we ended up being the main attraction. The food outside was interesting as well (cheese-filled fried banana), and by far the cheapest we have ever had anywhere.

A glimpse of Chimborazo, our spectacular thermal bath and the local speciality: fried banana with cheese and a class of hot milk with spices!

Continuing, we made a turn going towards the city of Ecuadorian cheese – Salinas. Some Italian guy got here many years ago, and taught the people how to make cheese. It sounded a bit dodgy. But we were surprised to find the most adorable little town, with the most beautiful hike and caves in the backyard. And luckily a small little hostel where we could spend the night. Everyone was extremely friendly and curious, and Philippe and Noah were very happy to share a gourmet cheese fondue for dinner ❤

Ecuadorian cheese & wine, not bad.. The beautiful cliffs of Salinas.
Cheese cheese cheese ❤
They have something with swings and cliffs in Ecuador. Alice swinging above it all..

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  1. Hold Da lige op – sikke en oplevelse i lige fik der – ja de må ha fået en på opleveren når i ankommer ud af det blå -så lyshårede og blåøjede og smukke – 😂. Ha cheese fondue på en bjergtop i Ekuador det er der ikke mange der har prøvet.
    Glæder mig til at høre om næste oplevelse 💕🐝💚


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