Giants and cuteness overload


Close tortoise encounter and baby sea lion
Posing in Floreana, in front of turtle bay (I thought I had seen a lot of turtles in the Caribbean, well, not comparable)
Being here in the Galapagos one really start wondering how the world would look like if we could manage to take care of more places in similar ways. Or if that at all would be possible…

Sea lions just everywhere 😀
We visited Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana and had a total of 12 days in this spectacular world of wildlife.

Floreana viewpoint

Every island has its special feature. Santa Cruz was mostly for the diving, giant tortoises and city life in terms of restaurants and souvenir shops. Isabela for the sea lions, marine iguanas, penguins and flamingos, and Floreana for the crazy amount of sea turtles and tranquility. We enjoyed all three a lot, but Floreane stands out. We stayed at Black Beach House, a small condo right on the beach, with our own little penguin coming in the afternoon to feed. They say this is like Galapagos 40 years ago, a beautiful, rough landscape and at the same time peaceful.

The incredible giants and landscape of Isabela.
Lava tunnels and sink holes in Santa Cruz

In Floreana we kind of felt that we went from being the audience to becoming just part of the everyday wildlife going on around us. Noah and Alice thinks that Floreana, together with the Amazon, has been the best experiences of the entire last year 🙂

Noah & Alice seen from our terrace in Floreana playing in front of a turtle nest.
Floreana Iguana and sea lions invading our beach towels 🙂
Enjoying the peace and beauty, and me posing at my favourite spot.

We have experienced all the animals we were hoping for: diving with hammerheads and a lot of other sharks, snorkelling and swimming with penguins and sea lions (even the youngsters), almost trampling over one or the other Iguana (they are everywhere), snorkelling with juvenile eagle rays, stingrays, and other big unidentified huge rays, diving with mantas, Philippe as well with Mola-Mola, seahorses, and getting “trapped” in a sardine-ball. We have also seen Flamingos, bluefotted boobies and an incredible amount of sea turtles. From the diveboat Phil saw a huge group of Pilot whales and we have off course had dolphins making a show for us on our way inbetween the islands.

Noah in front of the early settlers art and having a serious talk with an Iguana.
Cute penguins on the rocks and a handsome Amigo on the beach.
A fraction of the wildlife we experienced.
We are so full of wildlife experiences that at the moment it would take quite something spectacular to impress us 😉 But for now, just gratefulness for an unbelievable great time

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