Rainy Costa Rica part I

Playas del Coco beach

Initially we went to Costa Rica because we saw a divecenter for sale we thought might be interesting. But we realised quite fast that it wasn’t an option for us. But with a rented condo, we could made food ourselves (after a month of backpacking this was so unbelievable good!), go running and do yoga. All the normal stuff we started to miss being on the road. We could even wash our own clothes, which turned out very handy since it was raining like constantly! It felt a bit like being in Europe, but with more mosquitoes, monkeys and a warm swimming pool 🙂

Miranda and Joshua at the Ninos del Sol school

Miranda and Joshua who are running the Ninos del Sol school, was a great and unexpected meeting. These two wonderful people and their children made our trip here truly special. Thanks guys for making it possible for Noah and Alice to join your school for one day, inviting us for Indian dinner, for general inspiration and lovely talks and Miranda for amazing Asthanga classes  ❤

Both kids liked the gardening classes the best, yep, gardening is a scheduled class 🙂

On our way to the volcano and hot springs we had to help a local get out of the mud (with the car), and cross several water streams (by foot). Despite pouring rain, the walk to the hot springs (which we had all by our selves) was without any doubt worth it.

An exiting, but extremely wet walk through the cloud forest to the hot springs.
Yeah hot springs and rain, good combination.
Connecting with the horses on the volcano refuge ❤

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