Costa Rica part II – back on the Caribbean side


The magnificent forrest going all the way to the beach is what I will remember the most. It is so dense, green, humid, so much Jurassic park that we had to watch the movie one evening on Netflix. The beaches here are gorgeous, and we have been very lucky with small waves to play in, since the swell here can get very big and therefor too difficult for Noah to surf. The food and the smoothies are excellent, and the Caribbean rasta feeling on every corner sets the relaxed atmosphere.

Crossing the river floating out in the ocean, having a good eye out for crocodiles 🙂
It is just so beautiful here..

After a very wet drive from the pacific side to the Caribbean side (we had to change plans due to crazy rivers and closed roads) we stayed the last week here in Puerto Viejo. A touristic, but very charming little village. With this as our base we did excursions to the different national parks, the animal rescue center, all the beaches and visited the Bribri tribe in their reserve. Even though the Bribri are much like the tribe we visited in the Amazon, this was still a great and different experience. We were here on our own, and we got to do chocolate from the bean to delicious paste, mixing it with water and sugar for chocolate drink and having a jungle banana-split, so tasty and made our brains work on turbo due to the high coffein.

Bribri woman and her treasure, the cacao.
Fresh Jungle m&ms, and then a bit of cheating while the beans are getting fermented and dried, until we roasted them on the fire.
Crushing the roasted beans and finally grinding it into delicious paste.
Jungle banana split and hot chocolate with fresh cinnamon and muscat from the garden.
We tried some of the old fashion tools, saw them producing yarn from natural fibres and tried the jungle makeup 🙂

Animals everywhere, we have had so many wildlife experiences here too. Monkeys steeling our food, a sloth checking us out, racoons, baby sloths in the rescue center, my absolute favourite bird – the tucan, crocodiles (from the rescue center), poisonous dart frogs both red and green and the venomous coral snake spotted by Alice!

Most afternoons we have been hanging out on the beach playing in the waves, with or without board. It has been a wonderful ending on our last six months in the tropics. We are missing our home – Mawi. We are missing our bed, our stuff, our kitchen, and with the last day here being rainy and actually a bit cold, full of mosquitoes and flies we are happy to go on an airplane tomorrow to summer in Europe. I hope 🙂 But still in love with the tropics, see you sooner or later….


Beach time ❤

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