An unpleasant surprise…

Mawi back in the charming Dutch canals

We arrived in Amsterdam in a storm, many flights were cancelled and landing horrific. When we arrived in the harbour of Ijmuiden we were blown cold to the bones. Sand was covering the boat and blew in everywhere, and to our horror we discovered that our chart plotter (“the boat GPS”) was stolen! Not exactly the nicest welcome! Nevertheless being back home on Mawi was so good – cold, but good 😉

With a backup GPS in Ipad form we hurried away from this uncharming harbour the next day (I guess it was mostly the weather and the thefts fault we thought of it like that!) into the center of Amsterdam.

Uhmmm, dutch cheese, salat and canal cruising 😉

In Sixhafen harbour in city center Amsterdam we could make our way to the policestation to report the theft. It was quite an excursion for Noah and me. We got two lifts since we were lost (I still dont have a working phone and therefore no map! What did we do before smartphones ;)) We got the first lift from a very sweet lady and the second one with the police car (this was pretty cool).

Charming Amsterdam spoiling us with strawberry cake

While being in the harbour we of course made a trip to the city center, while making the boat ready for living and cruising once more. After a bad jetlag period (it seriously was so difficult to get over with, especially for Noah), we could start to enjoy the long beautiful evenings of European summer, cooking delicious food, and appreciate the motor-sailing with the occasional windmill, sheep and bridges to pass. An perfect way to catch up on some school work 😉

Dutch amazing ships to be amazed by, and hard school work 😉
Yeah, playing time ❤

Today we got our new chart plotter, and we are ready to go out at sea, sailing towards the Kiel canal, but before we will just be at anchor here for a day or two 🙂

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