Still “on the go”…

Even in freezing cloudy weather, he is hooked ❤

Right at this moment we are sailing with the gennakker with a speed of 5 knots while we are seeing the tennis match Federer vs Djokovic, and eating chips (ohh yes, we have internet again, I can even post this while sailing). We are heading towards Læsø or Limfjorden or…?  😉 Last night we were at anchor in Samsø, it was beautiful, and we pretended we were still in the Caribbean going to the beach and jumping in the water from the boat (the water only slightly colder and more greenish :-))

Baking cinnamon rolls & going to the beach- life is good.
Denmark, on the way to Samsø.

So for the moment we are still on the go, enjoying the short distances here in Denmark. What will be next? When are we back in Copenhagen? We dont know. But certainly before school start aug 12th…

Trying a “væltepeter”. Enjoying the Danish summer fields.
Noah going on an evening trip with the dinghy, and my mum visiting for lunch and sleepover 😉

The first week home was great, we went to our house, but quickly agreed we rather be on Mawi. Alice had her birthday in Tivoli, and we saw the nearest family. We had some great times with my mum (mormor) who has been such a great help with everything, thank you ❤ The second week was more heavy and filled with an emptiness of “what now”, and for my part longing for the wonderful warm crystal blue water of the tropics. So it feels good to still have some time on the boat, sailing, enjoying nature, the tranquility, the freedom, life and each other…

Another birthday, the most wonderful Alice turning six years ❤
Next birthday is mine, wonder where we are at that point?

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