Aalborg, but why?

Goodnight in Grenå and goodnight at Aalborg harbour front.

We had such a beautiful evening in Grenå, such a horrible night since the wind was turning, and it was quite choppy (We sat several anchor alarms to make sure we were not ripping loose, and actually managed to sleep good). The following morning was all the more lovely with Marsvin (the danish dolphin) surfacing for air in our bay while we were taking a morning swim. Then a great sail where we half way decided to go to Limfjorden, where the first bigger city when coming from east is Aalborg.

For a copenhagen girl like me, Denmarks third biggest town was never on my radar (I have never been here) So when Philippe was asking me if we should stop in Aalborg for a few days, or maybe just one day, I was very reluctant. But, hey, my “judgemental- Copenhagen- inner- something- left- from- my- younger- days” really has to admit that this town is really lovely. It is actually really charming and cool!

With Mawi in the background at the harbour bath and playing on the lawn in the city center ;-D

We are lying with the boat at the harbour front, right in front of the Utzon museum, we have the harbour bath right next to us, and the cute city center within 3 min walk. No one else is spending the night here, and we are not sure if it is really allowed, but see no reason why it should not be. It is very cosy, and we have had a lovely time in the museum, on the big lawn playing football, walking through the city, a lovely evening meeting the beautiful familie of Britt, and going for a swim in the freezing green water 🙂

The kids department in the Utzon museum was very cool, building your own skyscraper and then getting it into the minecraft game. Alice thought the scale exhibition was more interesting, playing Alice in wonderland.
Britt and I worked together 12 years ago, and now we met up with husbands and kids, thanks for the lovely visit ❤
Summertime in Aalborg…

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