Denmark at its best

Enjoying the heatwave and the fact that they now both read very well on their own 😀

We had entered Limfjorden and been to Livø, Aalborg and Mors. Livø was very special and charming, but in general we were not too impressed. The water looked green and was slimy, and it was as well pretty smelly in some places. The fact that is was freezing cold, rainy and we were stranded in an anchorage with a lot of wind for 24 hours just made us want to go somewhere else. So we sailed from Limfjorden to Rørvig, a long day, and once again our genaker made it possible for us to sail with 7 knots instead of 4, such a good investment 😉

The hole in the tree at Livø. It is said, that you have to climb through the tree to stay healthy. So we all did! On our way to Rørvig this old viking beauty passed us.
Enjoying visit from my mum both in the habour and at anchor.

After 12 days without going in any harbour, it was wonderful with a proper long and warm shower in Rørvig. My mum is playing a very succesful revy near by, and this was the real reason why we went here. But there is a fantastic atmosphere in and around around Rørvig (even though it is very posh), with smal craft shops, beer and ice cream stalls, fresh peas and strawberries for sale, and what the harbour is mostly famous for: the crab fishing for the kids. We were there one night, where I went to see the revy and my mum slept over in Noahs room, so cosy with visit. Very conveniently we could borrow my mums car for groceries before heading out in the bay next to the harbour. Here the water is clear,  the cows are hanging out on the beach, we are swimming, paddling, walking, talking future, playing, reading, well enjoying Denmark when it is absolutely at its best!

When you get to warm you can just slip out of the lovely hanging chair we bought in Ecuador.
Fresh peas and cattle, danish summertime..


  1. Love to visit you 🥰
    Tak for skøn Reje frokost . Da vi gjorde klar til Revyen i aften – tænkte jeg bare på – at sidde på båden se solnedgang med en kold øl – i jeres dejlige selskab 😊


  2. Ahoi Crew Mawi, here Dennis, Arianne & kids from Bodyguard (you know from our meeting in Bruinisse, the Netherlands) We are waiting for you guys in Copenhagen. Can you contact us by E-mail?


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