Our last weeks on Mawi has been full of mixed feelings of getting close to end this adventure, and keeping the focus on the next. We left Rørvig and had a lovely slow sail to to Hornbæk, lying at anchor just of the beach. The water was crystal clear, and Marsvin were surfacing in the evening hours, and I was thinking about how lucky we have been with this beautiful weather joining us for the last weeks of cruising (for now:))

Our amazing friends from the Netherlands surprising us when we arrived. Thank you for the welcome, hope to see you soon again ❤

Then we went to Swedish Ven, and the evening before our departure towards Cph, our friends from the Netherlands (we had no idea they were here – we met a year ago on the way south) had been writing a message. They were waiting for us! We could not believe it, we had not arranged anything for returning since we really did not know when we would be back and where exactly. We had certainly not in our wildest fantasy imagined that we could be so blessed that these guys despite rain, were greeting us welcome back, with banner and horns, happy smiles, sweets and coffee. What a lovely surprise. After catching up, we sailed together to inner city cph, and gathered around some pizzas and beers. Then the next surprise arrived. My dear friend Sara was there with her family, and we could all enjoy the long beautiful evening of Copenhagen in great company, friends, sailors and kids 😀

“Hop i havnen”
My birthday August 3 was just amazing, sunny and with aperol spritz ❤

And how does it feel to go on land? Well, I dont know yet, trying to keep my focus on hot showers, dishwasher, washing machine, a garden, kids in school and not checking the weather forecast. And then I could write a hundred things I am going to miss, picture below is one of them…


Turning things around at anchor in Hornbæk, sunset becomes sunrise ❤

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