The end (for now)

We are back in our garden, Mawi is on land while we are painting her.

Mawi is emptied for all our belongings, and this was a lot. The amount of things we have collected during the last year is crazy. Together with a filthy bottom, no wonder she was so slow in the water 😉

It is amazing to look back at our route along the entire west coast of Europe, Canary Islands, from Tobago to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, Ecuador & Galapagos, Costa Rica and the final weeks in Denmark. We have sailed thousands of miles, Mia and Christian sailed around 3000nm. We sailed 4 weeks on board of Queen, in total 2 months of backpacking, and it has been so freaking awesome and at times hard work. Traveling like this is not just amazing adventures and great people. It is also finding out how to deal with yourself in quite and lonely times, and more importantly in the times where stuff is not going as planned (because this is how it is all the time). It is finding out how to deal with limited space, living very close together. It is finding out how to deal with different kind of food, limited showers, bad sleep, being a schoolteacher, being a family that creates space for each other despite being very close 24/7.

But, this being said, traveling like this is most rewarding. Waking up in stunning locations, sharing amazing moments of joy and beauty. Meeting lovely people, experiencing different food and cultures, spending quite times together, experiencing firsthand how the kids learn and develop, and living a more simple life close to nature. It is a gift, and I am deeply grateful for this.


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