New blog look (work in progress!) New plans..

So we are indeed back in the hamster wheel, and we do enjoy how easy everything is and how predictable the weeks are. The routines are back in place, and sometimes our last journey seems far far away.

Looking forward to fly again

But in between all the normal stuff, we off course had to plan something new 😉 We have been back and fourth with how to continue this way of travelling. With space, school, safety, being not too remote, what did we miss last time, what did we learn? Where do we want to go next? What do we want to explore?

We even had Mawi for sale, thinking we might needed something bigger and a bit different. But we are happy with her, she is not perfect, but she is part of our family now.

So, April 1st 2020 we pack together again, this time the journey goes to the Mediterranean, and this time we will take the canals instead. We plan to sail east when we arrive in the Med, heading for Greece and Turkey, and then we will see what happens. As our friends from the Netherlands wrote to us:  Plans are written in sand at low tide…

So now we are updating Mawi with all the stuff we were missing last time, and we are updating ourselves with more sail training. Phil will do the yachtmaster with RYA in southern England, and I am practising manoeuvres in Køge bugt 🙂

The most important lesson from the last trip is to go slow and not to fill the boat with too much rubbish!

The countdown has started 🙂

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