Ready, set…… wait!

Greve beach is not too bad in beautiful weather 🙂

So we are completely ready, but obliously the world is not. After a busy week making the house ready for our new tenant and moving stuff ( to much stuff) we are now back living on Mawi. Off course we are not going towards olives, baguette and good wine (and corona) right now. Instead we will pack the boat like we had a long crossing or bad weather ahead, and then go at anchor somewhere in Denmark, waiting, enjoying, trying to have some fun and do home school (fun and home school in the same sentence, optimistic ;-)), making the best out of the current situation. And dont worry, we will not go to any danish islands and off course stay away from everyone in a safe two meter distance 😉

Moving all our stuff back onboard

Honestly the situation got a bit challenging for me a week ago. Living in a mess of boxes and stuff all over, trying to sort out everything, making the house nice, already starting homeschooling and not knowing where we could sail too, or how the sailing situation at all would be looking like in a few weeks. That insecurity combined with the corona situation all over the world, gave me the chills and I found myself glued to the news looking for the good stories (no, I did not really find them). But now we are on Mawi. It is cozy and the heating is working wonderfully, we dont have a harbour space, but a very good trustfull anchor. We have everything we need right here, maybe we will end up spending the whole summer in Denmark, and then that will for sure as well be a fantastic journey. Lets see….
So what have we been doing the last few days lying in Ishøj harbour? Mostly we have been sorting out our home. The most exiting thing was when Noah jumped in the harbour, since Philippe said he would get 200 kr for doing it! Off he went, so brave, there was still ice on the back of the boat! And then we blew up our tender, and fired up our new engine 😀 

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