While we are waiting….

At anchor in Rørvig

Happy easter! We’ve been having a cosy time in Rørvig the past ten days. We sailed from Ishøj, had a night at anchor in front of Rungsted, and sailed the rest of the stretch to Rørvig.

We love it here, of course we would have been happily on our way right now through the German canals, maybe even further. But instead we’ve been enjoying the impressive nature of Denmark and a very slow start on a new adventure. But what adventure? What is the plan? Frankly, we (still) dont know. But at some point we will know, so why bother too much about when and how. (easier said than done ;))

Another magical night

So what are we doing? Well, we go for long walks, do exercise, paint stones and eggs, do origami, school (quit convenient that the famous “solvogn” from the Bronze age was found in this area when that is the subject for history:-)), kids go rollerskating, Philippe goes surfing and fishing, we see movies, Noah practices the guitar (yep, we now have an electric guitar on board as well), I go swimming everyday (okay, admitted.. it is more a dip than a swim, but then the cold shower afterwards does not seem that freezing cold) Hope it is getting warmer soon…

While we are waiting, like everyone else, we try not to worry too much about the world, and enjoy and explore ❤ Throw me a text if there is something we should check out in the area, either by foot, bike or boat, cause we will properly stay for a while 🙂

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