Days turn into weeks turn into months…

One of the warmest days, finally just hanging out in the cockpit.

Days turn into weeks, it all mix up a bit, and we really feel like time is moving fast, and at the same time we are still just here. Right here where we started (almost) We did explore Roskilde and Ise-fjorden, we did make trips to visit family and friends in Copenhagen, we are having a very lovely time, enjoying Denmark and the luxus of being so much together. But honestly, we are starting to have our doubts wether this trip should be pushed ahead or not.

A few boats started now sailing south to Germany and Netherlands, and I am sure that France, Spain and Italy will open up their borders as well during summer. But will there be a second corona wave? Will we suddenly be stuck somewhere else? Do we travel to a place that is not safe? Will it be interesting at all if a lot of locations and sights are closed or under restrictions? All of these questions are filling up our minds and conversations at the moment. And maybe new ideas will slowly materialise in our minds, or suddenly it will all seem clear again. Or maybe not… then it is good we can always go crab fishing 🙂

School work with a view, cheers in hotdogs, fires and picnics, beautiful evenings, “who can get the biggest jellyfish”, Daddy breakfast, investigating stones by crashing them in two at “verdens ende” (which it was actually called, I had to look twice as well!)

-and evenings like this ❤

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