Nothing crazy…

The world goes crazy, reading news makes me feel speechless. So I hang on to feeling lucky and humble just being here on our little floating home ❤ Sometimes the highlights of the day is that we make a fire, spot the danish dolphins, a beautiful walk in the forest, a cold swim, an amazing sunset. Or I get surprised by the setting of a new place, a conversation with the kids, simple things, nothing crazy… all while the power of the wind is pushing us ahead.

Omø at night

We are in Denmark, from Copenhagen to Rødvig, Møns Klint, Vejrø. Omø, Thurø, Ærø, Als (Sønderborg). All in one week of sailing and exploring. We have had great weather, very easy hopping from place to place 🙂 

During the last seven days we’ve made two fires, three picnics, a bike tour around Vejrø, got attacked by a cloud of flies in Ærø, Noah got a cut in his foot from a shell (It was bleeding like crazy), three danish dolphins (Marsvin) visits, another smack of jellies (looked like a shallow patch because it was so bright, nope, jelly soup again ;)) Phil and I went for a drink friday in the harbour bar in Klintholm, (awesome place) while the kids saw a movie (uhhh, big children:-)) and every beach we visited now has some kind of sand- stone- art- building made by Noah and Alice, our own personalised sailing track.

Fantastic anchorage on Als

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