Gendarm sti

Als, in south-western Denmark, offers great anchorages, fantastic nature and lots of history. We started our Als exploration in an anchorage in the south with a perfect view to the beautiful landscape and the (not so) far neighbour – Germany. After a night we moved into Sønderborg lying right next to the big castle and a cute little harbour promenade with a handful of restaurants. At first we were not very fond of the city (but we started liking it later ;)), but we moved at anchor again for a few days, making some very nice walks along the “Gendarm sti”, finding frogs and great views. The Gendarm sti is a path made so the former “border- gendarmer” could patrol the borders by foot starting exactly 100 years ago.

We also visited the museum on Dybbøl banke. Noah crafted a bullet out of tin, but that was kind of it! The rest was really not impressive. But it was a great trip anyway, and we experienced and saw the leftovers of a dramatic part of danish history.

We past the bridge north and into the deep inlets of Als, and anchored in Dyvig. Arriving in Dyvig is very special, you are sailing through a very narrow area, and the bay is opening up, and there is this perfect natural harbour. The “normal” harbour here is nice and has according to Noah and Alice the best crab fishing in whole Denmark (even better than Rørvig!). They also have a little kiosk, friendly people, a small stall in the back road with fresh strawberries, eggs, honey and potatoes, and a free bus to the nearest city. 

In Dyvig we collected Kveller (or salturt), they are like asparges, just smaller and naturally salted from the sea. While eating our self- caught (or found) food we had a Marsvin cirkling in the bay for food as well. Nature is amazing!

Saturday we went to Universe science park. It was awesome, science facts combined with things to try, we used more than six hours here even though it was a rainy day, it was a lot of fun.  June 15th the border opened to Germany and there was a fleet of german boats coming to Als. Now it is our time to cross, Germany here we come ❤ 

Beautiful daughter in beautiful Denmark

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