Birthday girl & a trip to the hospital

First of July Alice turned seven years, and her birthday was packed with everything she loves: Brunch, citytrip, beautiful drinks, candy and beach-time. Just perfect ❤ 

Beach time in Oostende

The day after Alice birthday I started to feel some pain in my back that I have not had for a long time. Ten years ago I had a gallstone attack, and when they wanted to operate me back then, I just wasn´t ready for it. I had these attacks a lot since, but the last three years I have not felt anything. But now it was back, and since we had to move on a few days after, I thought (and Philippe agreed ;)) it would be best to get some painkiller so I at least could move around. I therefor (luckily) went to the hospital. It turned out I had gallstones that were blocking outside the gallbladder, and this can be fatal for the other organs. They would have to get me in a deep sleep and remove this, and since this was an emergency I was completely covered my the EU blue card, fantastic. It all went smooth, I quickly recovered, and the day after we left for a small sail to Nieuwpoort. Somehow I will have to get that gallbladder removed, so this will not happen again, especially somewhere remote. Writing this, I think I seemed in control of the situation, and of course I was, but I was as well scared. And very grateful this did not happen in the Amazon or on one of the tiny islands in Galapagos!

Nervous and tired after several days of pain and waiting.

Now we are in Nieuwpoort and it is big, but actually also nice (with a lot more seals). Not as charming as Oostende, but at least we feel like we are in a harbour, not like Oostende where you are often rocking around like being in a bad anchorage. Next stop: Calais 😀 

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