We turned Mawi into a motorboat, for a while…

Our mast is off, and we are well on our way up the Seine. We had a lot of troubles finding the place where we could arrange the de-masting and a good entry to the french waterways. Most of all we had to overcome some language barriers via phone, and wrong information in general. Therefor we had a stop in Dunkirk and Calais, before we did a nightsail to Le Havre where we finally found a proper solution. 

In Le Havre Alice helped with making the boat ready, we enjoyed the city and the asphalt. And Philippe is finding a new place for our flag (among a hell lot of other new places for things!)

From Le Havre we sailed to Honfleur, an incredible picturesque little village right on the entrance to the Seine. Our departure had to be timed since it is tidal, so we made it out of the lock early in the morning. Our first french lock, flushing us down around 7 meters, scary feeling. Despite that the tidal calculation showed we would have 0,5 m of water below our keel, the lock keeper was very unsure. We made a strong coffee and ventured out in the mud, with the depth gauge swinging from 1 to zero meters. All sweaty and well out in the deep part of the canal, we were riding the tides to Rouen- the city of Joan of arc. Shortly after Rouen we went through another lock, flushing us up around 6 meters, and we are now out of the tidal Seine and slowly making our way to Paris.

Pictures Honfleur harbour in the background of Alice, picnic in the nice gardens and on our way down in the first french lock!

They are definitely not used to pleasure boats here on the Seine, we have a lot of difficulties to find a mooring.We have passed many places, where we would have loved to stay for some hours or for the night, but the facilities are either for commercial boats or much smaller boats. Anyway the scenery is absolutely amazing, it is very warm, with very little traffic, and forest, cliffs, beautiful ruins and pictures villages all along the way 🙂 

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