Sailing to Paris

Yeah, we are sailing past the Eiffel tower, what a welcome to Paris 😀

“Are you sure we wont hit the ground” I am (slightly hysterical) saying into the radio. We are on our way into the Arsenal harbour in the city center of Paris. We had a long day of sailing through a lot of industry before sailing past the Eiffel Tower. We were so exited, the kids sitting on the mast, people waving, and then this amazing city in front of us. Next through the small lock into the little harbour lying in front of the Bastille. The guy in the radio, now slightly annoyed at me, keeps saying the number we have to go to: “number 121”, which is taken (he means 131, I should off course have known that) but the only thing I see is seaweed growing all the way to the surface. He continues: “What you mean hit the ground, the harbour is 1.90 deep”! We were plowing Mawi through seaweed, finally he gives us a new number and we keep plowing and have the softest landing ever. Our neighbour (living here year round) gives us a lot of advice to where and what. We use the next four days sightseeing, we bike everywhere, we eat fantastic food, and every evening there is a saxophonist playing down at the harbour bassin, first twenty minutes was magic then…. well, his repertoire was a bit limited, but anyway, it all felt very french, very romantic and very exotic arriving here with our own little home ❤ 

The best way to see the city (especially with two kids) is by bike with lots of croissant and espresso breaks 😉

A unique experience was the catacombs of Paris. A forgotten graveyard underground.

Dumplings in China town and at a more fancy place, french, italian, middle east, the food was excellent everywhere.

One comment

  1. Kan ligefrem forestille Are you SURE!
    Hold da op det ser virkelig ud som der ikke er særlig dybt. Det lyder vidunderligt. 💕


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