We entered the Champagne region, taking it slow, enjoying the hot weather and the cool river. It’s only a bit over a week ago that we left Paris behind, with our propeller full of seaweed, our bodies full of good food and a lot of fantastic memories. And very fast it felt like we were far away from the big city, going through locks, tunnels, very narrow canals and forest. The Marne is so beautiful, the water green and clear, and the forest towering on both sides of the canal. Every lock seems to be an adventure, either because it is really cute, the entrance very shallow, or lately because we have to do it all by our selves with a remote control.

Very exited we arrived in the Champagne region, just for my birthday. Visited two places and stocked up on some bubbles. It is the first time I have ever been at a champagne winery, I have no idea of what to taste for, just happy for a lovely glass of bobbles, and it seems very personal and welcoming, even though we bring kids and arrive very sweaty on our bikes 🙂

With 40 degrees and some days more, the boat is even hotter. And the only place that feels nice is in the river. It took me a few days to get used to the thought of it being very green, full of fish and looking bottomless, but now I just love it.

There are fish and birds (and flies and mosquitoes) everywhere (even the beautiful kingfisher the other morning) we even spotted a snake swimming in the water! It is almost like the amazon, almost…

Luckily it is nice because we will have to wait until the next canal is opening again. They closed it due to low water reservoirs. We were off course aware that this very likely would happen since we were so late due to Covid-19, but still kept our hopes high for just making it in time. Now we can just hope for a rainy september, and then we will maybe be in the Mediterranean by late fall. Or maybe not, right now we are here, we have everything we need, and we are travelling slower than ever, and it feels good 🙂


    • Thank you! There should be a link under “where is Mawi” via noforeignland (and it is now updated;)), but I have not found a way yet where our whole journey is visible, only very expensive versions. Do you have a good idea?


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