Paris – week three!

L’Atelier des Lumiéres

Paris is just wonderful, and experiencing it in these Covid-19 times also very special. We keep on hearing it out of the ordinary, and most of the things we have seen and done would be out of the question unless we had planned it months ahead (which for us never would have happend ;)) But being here because our engine isn’t operational, and we cant find the reason, is very frustrating. The mechanic has been working for hours, Philippe has been testing, trying, and still is, and next week the electrician will join the party. So here we are with another lovely weekend in Paris ahead of us 🙂

Last week we visited the National History Museum, the Geology museum and the Botanical gardens in the lovely garden of Jardin des Plantes It is all for free for the kids and it was EMPTY, but great!

We visited L’Atelier des Lumiéres, which is is like an art show in an industrial hall, the classic paintings are animated and projected on walls and floors, music is added, resulting in an amazingly cool experience. Normally this would need a reservation half a year in advance, but we ordered the tickets the day before. We also met up with Marcela (a friend of a friend of Philippe’s) As the perfect guide she walked us through Paris, to beautiful cake creations, past Louvre, art galleries, and ending the day cooking for us in her apartment ❤

We also went to the Paris Zoo, and to a concert in the Floral Garden, which unfortunately was very boring. And Kaube came visiting, so lovely ❤

In between we are off course doing school, even though Noah and Alice rather wants to play. They create and build new worlds almost daily, and often sleep together in their “nests”. They laugh and are so silly, they take care of each other (most of the time) they hug and they fight a lot, they are closer than ever, it is priceless!


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