Adventure on pause

Forêt de Fountainebleau view

We left Paris, the engine was finally working again. After fixing everything from the fire, it turned out the new alternator had a defect. But happily we set course toward an area we wanted to go to several weeks ago. And we were not disappointed. The national park here in Fountainbleau is just amazing. The rock formations are stunning and together with fall slowly approaching it has given the overall atmosphere here an enchanted magical feeling.

In Paris we got a boat cat, it just wanted to move in, and the kids named it Nachos. Obliviously we dont want a cat, and we kept taking it off the boat, and it kept jumping back on! Noah and Alice were in love ❤

Now we set sailing adventures on pause, we did not make it to the Mediterranean as planned, so we decided to take a little break. Me and the kids are going to Denmark for a visit, and in the meantime Philippe is taking care of the boat, trying to find a good solution for the winter. Exciting what the next period of time will bring when new plans start to form 🙂 

Smiles from one of the last summerdays ❤

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